A start of a new era

There are many ways that people can be born. There are religious births. There are physical births. There is even emotional and spiritual rebirth. This is the beginning of a business  and community rebirth. I want to help make Compassionate Companions one of the resources that our community uses to help adults in need of non-medical assistance.

I hear it all the time when I describe what we do. “That must be something that’s in huge demand in Florida!” or “You must be doing fantastic with that!”  or “What a great thing to be able to do for your community.”  I want to tap into all of those things.  I will regularly have posts on this blog that will inspire, give direct help or connections to resources for our community. If I can answer any questions along the way, I’d love to be able to do that.

Keep an eye on us. I hope that we can give you something that you value soon.

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