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Aging Population Trend

As Americans live longer lives, and with increasing number of aging baby boomers, the need for in-home care is growing fast. This care often falls to men and women who are in their forties, fifties, and sixties. They are caught in this care-giving "sandwich" - growing children on one side, aging parents on the other. This can be an emotional and financial burden, especially if they don’t know where to begin or how to get help.

Our Caregivers provide assistance to people who – because of physical disability, chronic illness or cognitive impairment - are unable to perform certain activities of daily living. Caregiving can be thought of as an umbrella of services for the elderly or disabled adults.

These include a broad range of services including meal preparation, socialization, personal care, light housekeeping, etc. Over 10 million Americans of all ages are receiving care in the comfort of their own home.

Home- Based Business/Low Overhead /Maximum Profits:

Our home-care License offers you the opportunity to have your own business in your own home. For example, with minimal overhead and for a reasonable investment this License offers the perfect situation for stay at home parents or retirees who are seeking an income stream to supplement their pensions and existing savings. It can also offer a more substantial income to those seeking a more significant business opportunity. Essentially, for a nominal initial investment, Compassionate Companions Licensees will receive detailed guidelines to assist them in setting up, marketing and establishing a valuable presence in their community.

Our economy has played havoc with many retirement plans. Many young retirees are finding that their nest eggs are less than what they had anticipated. Accordingly, due to inflation and uncertain economic conditions, retirees are faced with either a diminished lifestyle or returning to the workforce in some capacity. Compassionate Companions offers the perfect solution through our Licensing program.

Owning a home-based eldercare service may be the other alternative!

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Reasonable investment
  • Low overhead
  • Easy to start up
  • Return on investment within short time
  • Passive income
  • Recognized service to community
  • Couples can work together as family business
  • The need is growing stronger each year
  • Eldercare and health care related businesses are the fastest growing in the nation.

All Licensing information is derived from the founder of this business who started Compassionate Companions in South Florida in 1990 and continues to serve the community and operate the parent as a going concern. An additional office was established independently 10 years ago in Central Florida, using the same guidelines and principles that are now available to you through our Licensing program. Our proven format and model reduces the chance of false starts and costly business errors. Please contact us NOW if this is business that might fit well with your plans for your future.

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