Kind Words - Testimonials

August 2010

"Thank you so much, Mom loves Joyce and loves going to the beach. Joyce’s presence will definitely improve my mom’s state of mind just by getting out of the facility and having someone who cares about her. It is so good for her to have conversations with a warm and compassionate woman. See, your business name is so appropriate."
Leah S., Cincinnati, OH

August 2009

"We feel so fortunate to have met you and thank you so much for the services of Compassionate Companions. You truly live up to your name. Your companion, Clara, has been wonderful with my mother. She is a lovely person, thoughtful and caring. We so appreciate all she does and look forward to seeing you all again when we return next winter"
Diane B., New York City, NY

March 2010

"My mom’s brother in New York called to tell me that he had found his “angel”, a carbon copy of Michelle. He watched how Michelle cared for my dad and wanted someone just like her to be a companion for him and his wife. They were so impressed with everything that they saw, it gave them a model to work from in choosing someone for them. Too bad you don’t have an office in New York; it would have saved them lots of searching. You are truly angels for your clients and their families"
Ruth S., Los Angeles, CA

March 2009

"We appreciate so much the concern and professionalism of your wonderful company. We feel blessed to have found you. Irene was especially wonderful the week of my brother’s funeral. Our family has been so impressed with your company. What a wonderful service you provide."
Claudia M., Naples, FL

October 2008

"Thank you for sending Toni to help me recuperate following an unexpected surgery. She helped me with some of the basic things but that was to be expected. , The constant cleaning, all the laundry, not necessary but again part of the package. I wanted to thank her for the “extra” that she brought. If all the people you hire are like Toni, you could not have picked a more appropriate name for your firm. Toni is compassion personified. We were able to talk about subjects ranging from flowers to ballroom dancing to art and religion. These things certainly speeded my healing."
Terry T., Hollywood, FL.